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Kurds free hundreds from besieged ISIS mountain



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Sony hack a 'national security matter'

The cyber attack that forced Sony Pictures to scrap a comedy about North Korea is a "serious national security matter," the White House warned Thursday,...

Putin says Russian economy will rebound

President Putin on Thursday attempted to assuage fears of economic collapse and promised rapid recovery as he faced hundreds of journalists during the...

Pakistan court grants bail to alleged Mumbai attack mastermind

A Pakistani court Thursday granted bail to the alleged mastermind of the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai,...

Despite billions in aid, US unable to get Pakistan to confront militants

Since 2001 the United States has tried virtually every strategy available to persuade Pakistan's...

Wikipedia reveals what the world edited in 2014

Wikipedia has published its first‑ever annual video, revealing what the world read and edited on the encyclopedic site during 2014.

Climate change could have dramatic effect on world food

Climate change could cut world food output 18 percent by 2050

New York Fashion Week booted out of Lincoln Center

The city of New York and Lincoln Center are evicting the invitation‑only, twice‑yearly Mercedes‑Benz Fashion Week in a court spat over...

Pakistan massacre survivors vow to defy Taliban

Students grieving for their classmates massacred by the Pakistani Taliban Thursday vowed to defy the militants and retur