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No-tip restaurant offers food for thought on pay, benefits



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Coffee and code: Software giant opens Silicon Valley cafe

Silicon Valley has no shortage of coffee shops where sleep‑starved programmers and eager entrepreneurs sit hunched over laptop computers and talk...

Red Symons tastes one of Starbucks' first US flat whites

Watch musician and 774 ABC Melbourne's Red Symons taste one of the first flat whites prepared by US coffee chain Starbucks.

Kenyan official: Chinese eatery that barred Africans closed

Kenyan authorities closed a Chinese restaurant in the capital which was accused by a local newspaper of refusing to serve Africans. The restaurant known...

Taking a knife to fast-food culture: US chef Alice Waters on why we must...

Pioneering chef Alice Waters on why voting with our fork matters and why seasonal food is the key to...

Taco Bell's waffle taco is dead, biscuit taco to replace

The newest weapon in the breakfast wars is a biscuit shaped like a taco.

Go For the Food: Pizza in Springfield, Missouri

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) — We were on the eighth day of a 1,500-mile road trip, heading to an uninviting final night in an airport hotel in Springfield,...

Essentials for visiting Santa Monica _ more than just ocean

Planning a trip to Southern California but don't want to fight LA's traffic? Or maybe when you hear the word Disneyland you think, "Been there,...

Review site Yelp battles against extortion claims

A small Italian restaurant fed up with the online review site Yelp recently launched a novel marketing campaign.

Chocolate-covered bugs served up at insect museum

The menu includes crickets and wax worms on toothpick skewers for dipping in a fountain of melted chocolate, along with "tarsal toffee" made with...