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Air pollution costs EU up to 189 billion euros: EU agency

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Air pollution, chiefly from coal‑fired power plants, cost society up to 189 billion euros (149.86 billion pounds) in 2012 -...

Bee populations decline as they lose favorite pollinating plants

Bee populations have declined in recent decades mainly due to a loss of biodiversity causing the...

Benefits of regular vitamin D tests remain unproven: study

Experts said Monday regular tests for vitamin D levels are not proven to be beneficial or harmful, despite previous research warning of damaging effects of...

Elderly should take cholesterol-lowering statins: US study

Nearly everyone aged 66 to 75 should consider taking cholesterol‑lowering drugs called statins to reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke, new...

Tropical fish helps TB researchers

The new weapon for Auckland researchers trawling through ways to treat tuberculosis is a small tropical fish.

UN to miss December Ebola target due to rising Sierra Leone cases

The U. N. Ebola Emergency Response Mission will not fully meet its Dec. 1 target for containing the...

Italy's first female astronaut arrives at space station: NASA

A Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying Italy's first female astronaut has safely docked with the...

Bear cub found dead in Spanish Pyrenees

A brown bear cub that was part of an effort to reintroduce the species to the Pyrenees mountains has been found dead on the Spanish side of the mountain...

Global warming could undermine poverty fight: World Bank

Climate change could undermine efforts to defeat extreme poverty around the globe, the World Bank warned Sunday.

Crew blasts off for International Space Station

A Russian capsule carrying three astronauts from Russia, the United States and Italy has blasted off for the International Space Station.