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Crew blasts off for International Space Station

A Russian capsule carrying three astronauts from Russia, the United States and Italy has blasted off for the International Space Station.

Can robots help stop the Ebola outbreak?

The US military has enlisted a new germ‑killing weapon in the fight against Ebola -- a four‑wheeled robot that can disinfect a room in minutes...

Paintings discovered at Greece's biggest ancient tomb

Paintings of daily life have been discovered on columns at Greece's biggest ancient tomb at Amphipolis in the northern region of Macedonia, the Greek...

Hope in Liberia, anxiety in Mali as Ebola battle rages

Liberia has set itself the target of halting Ebola by the end of the year, but the battle is far from over in the rest of west Africa.

2014 becoming warmest year on record

WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite a bitter U. S. cold snap, the globe is rushing hell‑bent toward its warmest year on record with last month setting...

Japan sees modern Atlantis spiral deep into ocean

Forget colonies in space, one Japanese construction company says in the future human beings could live in huge complexes that corkscrew deep into the...

Study finds HIV drugs could help stop vision loss

Drugs used to treat the HIV virus and AIDS could be used to fight against vision loss, a US university study said Thursday. Research conducted on mice...

UN climate fund falls short of $10 billion target

BERLIN (AP) — A U. N. fund that will help poor countries tackle climate change has fallen short, for now, of its target of collecting $10 billion,...

Surrogate sushi: Japan biotech for bluefin tuna

TATEYAMA, Japan (AP) — Of all the overfished fish in the seas, luscious, fatty bluefin tuna are among the most threatened. Marine scientist Goro...

China's energy plan reduces reliance on coal

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese officials announced limits Wednesday on growth in energy consumption aimed at making the country less dependent on coal. Under...