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Super material has chink in its armour

Scientists said Wednesday they had found a chink in the impermeable armour of graphene, the world's thinnest material, and one of the strongest.

Japan's new whaling plan will prove hunt is science - negotiator

A two‑thirds cut in Japan's Antarctic whaling quota announced this month should be enough to...

Number of Ebola cases nears 16,000 as Sierra Leone loses ground - WHO

The death toll in the world's worst Ebola epidemic has risen to 5,689 out of 15,935 cases reported...

Rickshaw research reveals extreme Delhi pollution

NEW DELHI (AP) — The three‑wheeled rickshaw lurched through New Delhi's commuter‑clogged streets with an American scientist and...

Beloved macaws bring harmony to Caracas' chaos

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — In one of the world's most‑hostile urban jungles, the spectacle of rainbow‑colored tropical birds...

Ebola isolation at US base 'pretty much vacation'

With plenty of flat screen TVs, game nights and even an outdoor fire pit, life in isolation for members of the U. S. military who have returned from the...

In New Zealand, feud over fate of 1902 corpse ship

The S. S. Ventnor sank 112 years ago off the northern New Zealand coast, bearing unusual cargo: the exhumed bodies of 499 Chinese miners, some in wooden...

Space station's 3-D printer pops out first creation

The first 3-D printer in space has popped out its first creation.

Sierra Leone Ebola workers dump bodies in pay protest

Burial workers in Sierra Leone have dumped bodies in the street outside a hospital in protest at authorities' failure to pay bonuses for handling...

Overweight linked to 500,000 cancer cases per year

Overweight and obesity is now causing nearly half a million new cancer cases in adults every year, roughly 3.6 percent of the world's total, a study...