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Third Dutch chicken farm infected with bird flu - government



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Ebola-infected Cuban doctor arrives in Geneva

A Cuban doctor infected with Ebola in Sierra Leone arrived late Thursday in Geneva, where he will be treated for the deadly virus.

Study finds HIV drugs could help stop vision loss

Drugs used to treat the HIV virus and AIDS could be used to fight against vision loss, a US university study said Thursday. Research conducted on mice...

Mali doctor dies of Ebola, taking toll up to seven

A doctor in Mali died of Ebola on Thursday after treating an imam who succumbed to the disease, taking the total toll in the west African country up to...

Egypt acquits doctor in female genital mutilation

An Egyptian court on Thursday acquitted a doctor charged with performing female genital mutilation that led to a 13-year‑old girl's death in a...

Peruvian frog juice drinkers laud health benefits

LIMA, Peru (AP) — Frogs from Peru's Lake Titicaca are the main ingredient in a juice blend that some Andean cultures believe has the power to...

Obamacare website up and running as attention turns to demand

Healthcare.gov works. Now, the Obama administration will find out how many people care.

Rat poison chemical found in pills linked to India sterilization deaths

Tablets linked to the deaths of more than a dozen women who visited a sterilization camp in India are...

Ebola-infected doctor from Sierra Leone flown to US

A doctor from Sierra Leone who has contracted Ebola was early Saturday flown to the US where he has residency to be treated for the deadly virus, a senior...

G20 leaders commit to 'extinguish' Ebola outbreak

Leaders of the world's most powerful economies on Saturday vowed to do all they can to "extinguish" the deadly Ebola outbreak in west Africa.