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Liberia's Supreme Court suspends election campaign over Ebola



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Beijing adopts smoking ban for public places: state media

China's capital on Friday passed a smoking ban for all indoor public places and offices, state media reported, despite the failure of past attempts to...

Russian doctor rebellion causes headache for Putin

Dr. Semyon Galperin spent a decade in medical research in Russia and as much time in the United States, working at top hospitals and research companies.

South African disease lab on frontline of Ebola fight

South African professor Janusz Paweska hesitates for a moment as he describes his work trip to the heart of the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone....

Ebola discoverer Piot sees long, bumpy road to ending epidemic

West Africa's Ebola epidemic could worsen further before abating but new infections should start...

US tightens smog limits in bid to protect health

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a fresh confrontation with Republicans, the Obama administration on Wednesday proposed stricter emissions limits on...

Supermodel launches Ebola fashion pop-up

British supermodel Naomi Campbell launched a pop‑up fashion shop in east London to raise awareness of the spread of Ebola on Thursday.

Lab-coated Muggles use Harry Potter to study brain

Harry Potter swoops around on his broom, faces the bully Malfoy and later runs into a three‑headed dog. For scientists studying brain activity while...

E-cigarettes have 10 times carcinogens: Japan researchers

E‑cigarettes contain up to 10 times the amount of cancer‑causing agents as regular tobacco, Japanese scientists said Thursday, the latest blow...

Ebola vaccine seems safe in first-stage testing

An experimental Ebola vaccine appears safe and triggered signs of immune protection in the first 20 volunteers to test it, U. S. researchers reported...