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New apps to aid in home design and renovations



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Venezuelan classical music system under fire

It has been praised the world over as a model for uplifting disadvantaged youth by connecting them with classical music. But a new book about...

Grafted tree producing 40 different fruit varieties

For most of the year it looks like any other fruit tree.

From Japan, the joy of minimalism at home

If you haven't communed with your socks lately, thanked your shoes for their hard work or bowed (at least mentally) to your home in appreciation,...

Decrepit 110-room Philly estate on market for $20m

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A dilapidated 110-room, 70,000-square‑foot estate is back on the market, but an architect says the $20 million price tag...

Art of flower arranging meets holiday decor

Holiday decorations in the U. S. are often symmetrical: Two candles on either side of the mantel, a round wreath in the center of the door, a centerpiece...

Jane Fonda puts ranch up for sale

PECOS, N. M. (AP) — Jane Fonda is putting her northern New Mexico ranch up for sale. The Swan Land Company of Bozeman, Montana, announced Friday that...

Martha Stewart and MakerBot team up on 3D printing range

Domestic goddess Martha Stewart has teamed up with 3D printing giant MakerBot to launch a range of materials and printable designs. The TV...

Man turns bedroom into video game arcade

37-year‑old New York man converts one bedroom apartment into an arcade. (June 6)

Chicago Lucas museum: 'palace for Jabba the Hutt'?

The sketches of "Star Wars" creator George Lucas' Chicago museum show a flowing white building topped with a hovering ring. The newly unveiled...