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Dogs welcome at St. Louis museum about, well, dogs



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Dog flu outbreak gained foothold at urban doggie day cares

Experts say doggie day care contributed to an outbreak of dog flu in Chicago that is spreading in the Midwest.

Fans of German dog sport ask, 'Who needs sheep?'

YOUNGSVILLE, N. C. (AP) — With shouts of "point" and "drive" from her handler, the 3-year‑old German shepherd charges into...

Those puppy eyes can help a dog bond with owner

Oh, those puppy eyes. Just by gazing at their owners, dogs can trigger a response in their masters' brains that helps them bond, a study says. And...

Surgery on ailing Great Dane yields 43.5 socks

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The three‑year‑old Great Dane was miserable and retching when its owners rushed him to a northwest Portland...

Panetta Returns to Pentagon With His Dog, Bravo

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta returned to the Pentagon with a furry friend. Panetta was back in the Defense Department headquarters for the...

Dorms allowing cats and dogs

The University of Northern Colorado has launched a pilot program this year to allow students to bring their cats or dogs to live with them in the dorms. Officials will allow pets under 40 pounds in a...

Cats chat with us through meows, blinks and roving whiskers

When it comes to cats, those meows mean ... well, a lot of things. With each purr, yowl or even blink, felines are saying, "Hello," ''Let's...

It's a jungle out there: Animals in campaign ads

WASHINGTON (AP) — It's a jungle out there in political television advertising, what with parrots, chicks, dogs and pigs taking turns in...

Colorado dog gets prosthetics for all four legs

A 2-year‑old Rottweiler who lost his paws when he was left out in the freezing cold as a puppy is learning to walk on prosthetics for all four legs.