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NASA rover finds organic molecules, methane gas on Mars



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Politics no problem, say US and Russian spacefarers

US‑Russian ties may have returned to Cold War levels, but an astronaut and a cosmonaut gearing up for the longest flight on the International Space...

SpaceX postpones launch after rocket 'issues'

SpaceX on Thursday postponed the planned launch later this week of its unmanned Dragon cargo ship after unspecified "issues" arose during a launchpad test,...

2 astronauts will expand envelope with 1-year spaceflight

The two men assigned to a one‑year spaceflight said Thursday that their upcoming mission will allow the world to push deeper into space. NASA...

German named next head of European Space Agency

Johann‑Dietrich Woerner, head of German aerospace giant DLR, is to succeed Frenchman Jean‑Jacques Dordain as next director‑general of the...

India launches biggest ever rocket into space

India successfully launched its biggest ever rocket on Thursday, including an unmanned capsule which could one day send astronauts into space, as the...

Federal judge rebuffs NCAA concussion settlement

Federal judge rebuffs NCAA concussion settlement

Spike seen in methane on Mars, but source unknown

Methane, a gas that on Earth comes mainly from living organisms, has been measured for the first time making a sudden spike on Mars, leaving scientists...

Greenland ice loss may be worse than predicted

A warming planet may lead to swifter ice loss on Greenland's ice sheet, and faster sea level rise for the rest of the world than previously predicted,...