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Police: Al-Shabab militants kill 28 in Kenya bus

Police officials say al‑Shabab militants from Somalia have hijacked a bus in northern Kenya and killed 28 non‑Muslims on board.

Obama signs order expanding US Afghanistan role - report

U. S. President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing a broader military mission in Afghanistan in 2015 than originally...

Madagascar plague outbreak kills 40, hits capital - WHO

Madagascar has been hit with an outbreak of plague, with 119 confirmed cases and 40 deaths, the World Health Organization said.

Jihadists launch major attack on Iraq's Ramadi

The Islamic State group launched a major attack on the Iraqi city of Ramadi Friday, attempting to seize one of the last urban pockets under government...

FBI arrests two would-be Ferguson bomb suspects - source

Two men suspected of buying explosives they planned to detonate during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, once a grand jury decides the Michael Brown case,...

For one night on stage, embattled Cosby his old self

The protesters didn't show, the would‑be hecklers didn't take the bait, the weeks of headlines about sexual assaults disappeared and Bill...

Clinton backs Obama immigration move

Hillary Rodham Clinton voiced support Friday for President Barack Obama's use of executive actions to protect about 5 million immigrants from...

San Francisco window washer falls onto moving car

A worker fell screaming 11 stories from the roof of a bank building Friday morning onto a moving car, crushing its roof and sending shattered glass flying...

Indonesia's new president causes a buzz by flying economy class

Indonesia's new President Joko Widodo caused a stir this weekend by opting to fly economy class to...