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James Bond draws a crowd in London

Filming for the new James Bond movie continues in Britain. Alicia Powell reports.

German bakers unveil giant Christmas cake

A massive Christmas cake, known as Stollen, is served up in Dresden as part of its annual Christmas tradition. Vanessa Johnston reports.

Cigar connoisseurs rejoice over U.S.-Cuba policy shift

New York cigar connoisseurs rejoice over the idea of enjoying a Cuban Cohiba, following the announcement of U. S. and Cuba will work to strengthen ties....

'Watch as your loved ones die': Pakistan survivors recall horror

Taliban gunmen who stormed a school in northwest Pakistan toyed with captive students by suggesting...

Church of England names its first female bishop

The Church of England name a saxophone‑playing vicar with a taste for football as its first female bishop in a move hailed as an important step...

Violent in-cabin turbulence caught on amateur video

Violent in‑cabin turbulence is caught on video showing passengers screaming, necessitating an emergency landing. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Colombian conflict victims call for peace talks

Victims of the 50-year conflict between the Colombian government and FARC rebels hold a press conference, calling for peace talks between the two sides....

Acquitted of charges but unable to return home

As the court trying Rwandan genocide suspects closes its doors, some of the acquitted have been left in limbo, stateless, and unable to return home....