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James Bond draws a crowd in London

Filming for the new James Bond movie continues in Britain. Alicia Powell reports.

German bakers unveil giant Christmas cake

A massive Christmas cake, known as Stollen, is served up in Dresden as part of its annual Christmas tradition. Vanessa Johnston reports.

Progress in S Africa, challenges too

A new IMF report says South Africa can celebrate significant progress in its first 20 years of democracy, but - amid power blackouts and fears of more...

Putin says Russian economy will rebound

President Putin on Thursday attempted to assuage fears of economic collapse and promised rapid recovery as he faced hundreds of journalists during the...

Brits murder accused innocent - Myanmar

Myanmar investigators say the two workers accused of murdering two British tourists in Thailand are innocent. Yiming Woo reports.

Rapper YG's Strip Club Celebration

Rapper YG tells us how he celebrated the release of his film "Blame It On The Streets' in a 'ghetto' strip club. (Dec. 18)

Meteorologist Shot Outside TV Station

TV News Meteorologist Patrick Crawford of KCEN in central Texas was listed in fair condition after he was shot in his TV station parking lot. The gunman is...


Colombia's FARC guerrillas declared an indefinite, unilateral ceasefire in the 50-year conflict, saying they would only use weapons if they came under attack by the army. VIDEOGRAPHIC