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Indonesia's new president causes a buzz by flying economy class

Indonesia's new President Joko Widodo caused a stir this weekend by opting to fly economy class to...

Painting by Hitler goes to auction

A 100-year‑old watercolor of Munich's city hall is expected to fetch at least 50,000 euros ($60,000) at auction this weekend, not so much for...

Oregon festival's giant nutcracker: 41 feet

Sponsors of the annual holiday festival near Roseburg have commissioned a whopper of a centerpiece — a wooden nutcracker intended to stand 41 feet...

Japan sees modern Atlantis spiral deep into ocean

Forget colonies in space, one Japanese construction company says in the future human beings could live in huge complexes that corkscrew deep into the...

Ireland's gay bull Benjy saved from slaughterhouse

DUBLIN (AP) — He faced execution for failure to perform. But Benjy, the gay bull of Ireland, has been saved following a worldwide appeal backed by...

Cuban couple keeps rodents called hutias as pets

BAINOA, Cuba (AP) — Some people keep guinea pigs or hamsters as pets. But in Cuba, where a larger, more exotic rodent runs wild, Ana Pedraza and her...

Three guys find a career playing video games

LAKELAND, Florida (AP) — From nine to five, seven days a week, Robert Schill plays video games while sitting on a plush, brown sofa in central...

Giant python outgrows Swiss home, handed to zoo

A python smuggled from Vietnam to Switzerland as a baby has been handed to a Swiss zoo after outgrowing the private home it has lived in for two decades.

Riding a bike "side-saddle"

Irish inventor debuts a new bicycle in Paris – one that travels sideways. Sasha Salama reports.

Ex-state worker charged with stealing 610 helmets

A former Pennsylvania state worker has been accused of stealing 610 combat helmets and faces federal charges. The Philadelphia Inquirer...