Baltimore, MD - Jan. 14, 2013

1. SOUNDBITE: Mayor Michael Bloomberg / (I) New York

"Regulating assault weapons certainly falls within the bounds of the Second Amendment, and so does everything else we're urging. This is not a constitutional question. It's a question of political courage. The Supreme Court, the one that defines what the Constitution means and says, has ruled that reasonable regulations are consistent with the Second Amendment. So when the gun lobby raises the Second Amendment it is nothing but a red herring. It is time for 2nd Amendment defenders in Congress to call them on it. The three measures I just mentioned - require background checks for all gun sales, making gun trafficking a federal crime and limiting military-style assault weapons and high capacity magazines, will require leadership from both the president and members of Congress. But there are other steps President Obama can take without congressional approval. At any time he chooses, with just the stroke of a pen. Vice President Biden understands this and we hope his recommendations will include at least these four steps we've urged him to do."


New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is calling for federal gun control reforms.

Bloomberg outlined his proposals Monday at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health at a summit on reducing gun violence.

The two-day summit began exactly one month after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. Twenty first-graders and six adults were killed.

Bloomberg is urging President Barack Obama and Congress to increase background check requirements for firearms purchases.

He also says the federal government needs to get tougher on gun trafficking. Bloomberg says the federal government must also limit assault weapons and magazines with more than 10 rounds.