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Philadelphia - Jan. 15, 2013


SOUNDBITE: Captain John Darby, Philadelphia Police Department

An unknown female, later described as a Black female in her twenties about 5 foot 5, 5 foot six inches tall wearing a head garb and with her face covered, carrying an umbrella and possibly pregnant. What we do know is that she was screened by the school, she signed out via a hall monitor. She was instructed to go to the office, but this woman proceeded to the child's classroom. She confronted a teacher that was there and said she was there to pick the child up. She indicated she was the child's mother.

A radio call was received by upper Darby Police Department. This was via a pedestrian in a playground area on 59th Street and Marshall Road in upper Darby. The child was cowering under a sliding board was dressed only in a t-shirt. Given the conditions, that the t-shirt was wet, police obviously transported the child directly to Children's Hospital Philadelphia for evaluation for physical injuries. There were no overt signs of injury to this child, she was also and is still being screened for a possible sexual assault given the conditions under which she was recovered. "


Philadelphia police are investigating whether a 5-year-old girl who was abducted from an elementary school may have been sexually assaulted since she was only partially clothed when found just outside the city.

Special victims unit Capt. John Darby says police are still looking for the suspect, who told school officials Monday morning that she was the child's mother and was there to take her to breakfast.

Police say the girl was found hiding under a jungle gym in a park, wearing only a T-shirt, early Tuesday. She's been taken to the hospital to be checked out. Darby says there are no signs of physical injuries.

School officials say the woman then went straight to the classroom to get the girl and did not stop at the front office.