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New Orleans - Jan. 28, 2013

1. SOUNDBITE: John Harbaugh / Ravens Head Coach

We've been getting ready for these guys for a week, it's the Super Bowl, it's a big deal...we're very excited about that....we're going to try to enjoy that part of it, but enjoy the football more than anything...our guys are football players...they love football, they love everything that goes with it....and that's what we'll be focused on.

2. SOUNDBITE: Joe Flacco / Ravens Quarterback

"I think our development as a whole....look at our offensive can say that's as big a part as anybody. They have been playing unbelieveable....our receivers are coming up big and making some grabs. You have to look at our unit....I don't think you can single me out....or anybody's really a team sport and we are playing that way right now.

3. SOUNDBITE / Ray Lewis / Ravens Linebacker

"this feeling is great....the send off is awesome, but there's nothing better than coming home as world champions....and that's what we're here bring a world championship back to Baltimore."


Soon after arriving in New Orleans for the Super Bowl late Monday afternoon, the Baltimore Ravens found out exactly why this game is different from all the rest.

John Harbaugh and several players were surrounded by hundreds of members of the media at the team hotel, and there were still plenty of questions to be asked before the coach, then the players, were whisked away by Ravens officials.

Wearing the same suits they wore to travel from Baltimore, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Matt Birk and Joe Flacco sat behind raised tables while being peppered with questions.

Harbaugh was asked how it would be possible to cope with the distractions while preparing his team for Sunday's game against the San Francisco 49ers.

He said the team is operating on a regular schedule _ except for various interview sessions with the media.

Most Ravens players wore suits and ties and walked matter-of-factly from the plane to a waiting bus without gesturing in any noticeable way. Ray Lewis looked professorial in a gray suit and glasses as he strode with purpose across the tarmac.

The Ravens were cheered on by a large crowd in Baltimore before they departed.