Pool Video -- Embargo Boston - AP Clients Only

Boston - Feb. 2, 2013

1. SOUNDBITE: Capt. Paul Damore / Mass. State Police

"We have a number of special units that are currently on-scene...we have crime scene services....accident reconstruction and commercial vehicle is here...Storrow Drive is going to remain closed for the immediate time. There is going to be some difficulty removing the is in between two bridges....Once the accident has been thoroughly investigated then we'll have to tackle the next project...we are going to be here for quite a while....through the night and Storrow Drive will remain closed. (reporter) Describe the bridge.....(Damore) It's an underpass that's marked with the height of the exceeded the height that was posted for it and the top of the bus struck the overpass....we will have DCR look at the overpass to make sure there's no damage to the roadway. (reporter) will the driver be cited for this. (damore) It's still under investigation. (reporter) any explanation from the bus driver. (Damore) That's still under investigation...A lot of the damage you're seeing is from the extrication of the patients...but there was significant damage to the bus from the bridge. The engineers will do an inspection of the bridge to make sure there's no issue with the overpass.


Massachusetts State Police say high school students and their adult chaperones were on a charter bus after a visit to Harvard University when the oversized bus crashed into a bridge in Boston.

The bus crashed about 7:30 p.m. Saturday as it was passing under a bridge on Soldier's Field Road, a major crosstown road. The Destined for a Dream Foundation group was returning to the Philadelphia area.

The injured, three seriously, were taken to hospitals.

Authorities say the bus did not belong on that road and state police are investigating whether charges are warranted against the driver after apparently failing to see the sign prohibiting the vehicle from taking that route. Bus owner Raymond Talmedge said his driver was being interviewed by police. Talmedge said he had no other information.