New York, New York - February 4, 2013

1. Wide of funeral service for New York City Mayor Ed Koch at the Temple Emanu-El

2. SOUNDBITE: (English) Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City:

"No mayor I think has ever embodied the spirit of New York City like he did, and I don't think anyone ever will. Tough and loud, brash and irreverant, full of humor and chutzpahm, he was our city's quintessential mayor, and more than anyone else, Ed knew that New York was more than a place. It is a state of mind. It is an attitude, an attitude that he displayed to the world every day, and we had such respect for him because of his outsized personality and that it was matched by his integrity, his intelligence and his independence.."

3. Wide of various officials attending service

4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Noah Thayer, Ed Koch's grand-nephew:

"Everyone has a story about Ed Koch. In the past few days, I have heard and read many of them from his friends, colleagues and countless people who he never even met and yet still managed to affect. I am truly awed by the extend of his influence, but to me, he will always be Uncle Eddie."

5. Mid of Bloomberg and two former New York City mayors, Rudy Giuliani (next to Bloomberg) and David Dinkins

6. SOUNDBITE: (English) President Bill Clinton

"He had a big brain, but he had a bigger heart. We're all doing fine, but we miss you, and we miss you so much because we all know we're doing a lot better because you lived and served."

7. Clinton walks off


Ed Koch had a big heart and a bigger brain, but the quintessential New Yorker's outsized personality was matched by his integrity, family members and politicians said Monday as they honored the colorful former mayor at his funeral in Manhattan.

Recalling Koch as "brash and irreverent," New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the man who governed the city during the late 1970s and 1980s "embodied the spirit of New York City."

Koch died Friday of congestive heart failure at age 88.

Noah Thayer, Koch's grand-nephew recalled fond memories of Koch and said, "everyone has a story about Ed Koch."

"I have heard and read many of them from his friends, colleagues and countless people who he never even met and yet still managed to affect," said Thayer.

Former President Bill Clinton, who served as a representative for President Barack Obama at the funeral, said the world was a better place because Koch had "lived and served."

"He had a big brain," Clinton said. "But he had a bigger heart."

The funeral was held at one of the nation's most prominent synagogues, a Reform Jewish congregation on Fifth Avenue.

Koch led his city for 12 years, with a brash, humor-tinged style that came to personify the New York of the 1980s.

The Democratic mayor is credited with helping save New York from its economic crisis in the 1970s and leading it to financial rebirth.

But during his three terms as mayor, he also faced racial tensions and corruption among political allies, as well as the AIDS epidemic, homelessness and urban crime.