The Victorian government hopes to close a legal loophole so that teachers charged with sex offences under Commonwealth law can be dealt with by the state departments.

A proposed bill to amend the Education and Training Reform Act this week would update it to include sexual offences committed under Commonwealth law.

Victorian Minister responsible for the Teaching Profession Peter Hall said it would close a potential legal loophole.

"We cannot take any risks when it comes to the safety of our children," Mr Hall said in a statement on Thursday.

Sexual offences under the Commonwealth criminal code relate to trafficking in children and supplying or obtaining child pornography across state borders and internationally.

"The effect of this amendment will allow the Victorian Institute of Teaching to take action where a teacher is charged with a sexual offence only under commonwealth legislation," Mr Hall said.

The proposed amendment will avoid the possibility of a Victorian teacher convicted of a sexual offence under commonwealth law to successfully appeal a cancellation of their registration, Mr Hall said.

It will also require applicants to disclose prior refusals or registration cancellations in any profession.