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New York, 6 February 2013

1. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg cut ribbon as Michael Kors, Heidi Klum, and Kenneth Cole look on

2. Lindsay Lohan arrives and walks red carpet

3. Medium to wide of Sarah Jessica Parker talking to reporter

4. SOUNDBITE (English) Sarah Jessica Parker, actress +++OVERLAID BY SHOT 4+++:

" This is something that is happening across the globe in large part due to amfAR's efforts but I think that we can all talk about it now. We can talk about it openly, that there's not the shame and the stigma attached to the disease that you can be live with HIV and have an enormously productive, fulfilling, rich life."

5. Wide of Heidi Klum on red carpet

6. SOUNDBITE (English) Heidi Klum, model/TV personality:

"In 2011, two-point five million people, more people were affected with AIDS. And ten percent of those people are children, 15 years and under. And that is a statistic, that when you're a mom, it's very shocking."

7. Medium to wide of Jenna Elfman and Kenneth Cole

8. SOUNDBITE (English) Kenneth Cole, designer/amfAR Chairman:

"Tonight I'm going to formally say that we no longer am far from where we need to be. One person has been cured, and thirty-plus more million to go, but there's so much progress made, we know what we have to do. We just have to figure out how to get it done."

9. Medium of Alan Cumming

10. SOUNDBITE (English) Alan Cumming, actor:

"Even though it's so many years on and we haven't got a cure, the fact that amfAR and so many organizations like them manage to attract this kind of clientele or audience, that's a good thing. Because actually we need those people's support to make something happen."

11. Wide of Michael Kors, Heidi Klum, and Kenneth Cole