SHOTLIST (including transcript):-

AP Entertainment

Los Angeles, 6 February 2013

1. Wide of Solange posing for photographers

2. Medium shot Estelle

3. SOUNDBITE (English) Estelle, recording artist:

"It's always important to come out and support Essence, who do this every year for black women in music and I feel kind of honored to always be invited and always be celebrating my peers. Last year, the last time I came it was Janelle Monae, this year it's Solange. I'm kind of excited. They are on the right track with it, you know."

4. Medium of Nene Leakes

5. SOUNDBITE (English) Nene Leakes, TV personality - on the evening's honoree Solange Knowles and her famous sister Beyonce:

"The industry is very funny and I think that she has a very powerful sister, who is a fantastic performer, so that's probably a hard role to really follow and I'm sure she wants to set herself apart, so that she can be viewed as an individual and I think she can do that. She can."

6. Medium of Solange Knowles talking to reporter

7. SOUNDBITE (English) Amber Riley, actress:

"It means a lot to be even invited to be amongst so many great stars and so many great women, who encourage me and inspire me. For Essence, who is a staple in the black community, as I've said many many times before, we kind of know what's going on in the black community because of magazines like Essence, so it's really really a great event to be in."

8. Medium of Keke Palmer

9. SOUNDBITE (English) Keke Palmer, recording artist/actress:

"Well I think it is awesome to support, always, Essence at any chance I get, because they always support me, that's number one, and then also because as well as me being a woman in music, I want to meet other beautiful black women that are in music. For us to support each other on one wonderful night is awesome."

10. Tilt up Estelle

11. SOUNDBITE (English) Estelle, recording artist - on Whitney Houston:

"She's Whitney, you still can't believe it. How many more of us are we going to lose, you know? It's a moment but I think they'll do a great honor for her at the Grammys this year. I think they will do her right this year. I'm excited, I'm waiting to see it."

12. SOUNDBITE (English) Vernon White, recording artist - on performing at the event and Whitney Houston:

"Well (inaudible) she was a wonderful person and she was a great artist and she is going to be forever missed, but she won't be forgotten."

13. Wide shot arrivals line