After spending half of his life peddling maps and dictionaries to foreign visitors in Kabul, Fawad Mohammadi is going to the Oscars.

The 14-year-old Afghani boy appears in the nominated Live Action Short Film "Buzkashi Boys.

Mohammadi was plucked from the gritty streets of the Afghan capital to be one of the main stars in the movie, which is a coming of age story that was filmed entirely in a war zone.

The movie sees the young star play the son of a blacksmith. father wants him to follow in his own footsteps, and give up his hopes of becoming a Buzkashi rider. . the 14-year old is the son of a well-known Afghan actor.

He's appeared in films since he was five years old, and has already been to the Cannes Film Festival.

He said walking the red carpet at the Academy Awards will be a dream come true.

Afghanistan had a burgeoning film industry, but it suffered from fighting during the civil war and the Taliban campaign to stamp out entertainment.

Actors and film industry workers fled from the country and returned only after the 2001 U.S. led assault that ousted the Islamic movement.

According to Afghan filmmaker Qadir Ariayee - who has appeared as an actor in 30 Afghan films and has produced six short films - exposure of Afghan movies at big events like Academy Awards could have a positive impact on the growth of Afghan cinema.

"These actors managed to take the 'Buzkashi Boys' movie to Oscar's top five movies and to get nominated. I think it is a great step for the Afghan cinema," said Ariayee.

The 85th annual Oscars take place on Sunday February 24 in LA.