Pool - AP Clients Only

New York - Feb. 9 2013

1. SOUNDBITE: Michael Bloomberg, - Mayor New York City:

We have roughly 2200 pieces of equipment plowing and salting in total and virtually primary streets have been plowed and all city streets will be plowed by the end of the day. The main roads the highways are all clear and the primary roads in the city may be snow covered but we think virtually all of them have been plowed. You can go to go to plow New York and it will show you within time periods the last time a plow cam down your street. If you live on a tertiary street and we haven't gotten to you yet by the end of the day we think we'll get to everyone. But our message is please don't drive, stay off the roads our plows can go down the streets much quicker and can do a much better job if they have a straight shot than if they have stop can go around cars or stuck cars that keep them from going down streets it really does lead to good results.


In New York, hundreds of cars got stuck on the Long Island Expressway on Friday, and dozens remained disabled early Saturday as police worked to free them.

About 650,000 customers in the Northeast lost power during the height of the snowstorm, most of them in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Plymouth, Mass., lost electricity and shut down Friday night during the storm. Authorities say there's no threat to public safety.