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Hartford, Conn. -- Feb. 9 2013

1. SOUNDBITE: Gov. Dannel Malloy / (D) Connecticut

Thank you for being here....a few things I want to go over. And make sure everyone understands....this was a record-breaking storm through the state. Preliminary numbers show record....or very near record snowfalls in seven of the 8 counties....we have a number of concerns right this point there are still about 35 thousand cp and l customers without power....just finished a meeting with them....they have been in a make-safe mode....although they have restored 15 thousand customers....that's been some of the easier work to be well as now finishing up make-safe....full restoration of efforts will be underway tomorrow...or later this evening. U-I has about 220 customers without power....Big concern is the temperatures...which are predicted to be in the one degree to 12 degree area....with windchills that will put that substantially below zero...throughout the state....that's why a number of warming well as facilities that have been open to stay open overnight...lieutenant governor and I visited one today where there were about 25 people/..but they were expecting a larger number to be there overnight...we will open additional centers if that's required....people can turn to 211 for information about the nearest center to them....should they like to move...or be moved to a center for warming purposes...or to stay overnight...


Connecticut's governor has lifted a travel ban on the state's roads, effective at 4 p.m.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Saturday he is still urging residents to stay off the roads if at all possible. He says the recovery effort will be more effective is traffic is limited in town centers and highways.

The governor said 270 National Guard troops are on duty and he expects the storm recovery will take a number of days.

State police have responded to 1,600 calls for service over the last 24 hours. Malloy said that a woman in her 80s was killed Friday night in Prospect when she was struck by a vehicle as she was using a snow blower.

The National Guard helped clear highways in Connecticut, where more than 240 auto accidents were reported. The Guardsmen rescued about 90 motorists, including a few who had hypothermia and were taken to hospitals.