Location - Date: Hattiesburg, Mississippi / February 10, 2013


Wide, huge tornado tearing across field

NATS: A tornado! Holy xxxxx!


Eerie silence. I was about a mile and a half away at my best guess. For distance maybe two miles away, the news was reporting about a half mile in diameter, it looked a little bit smaller than that, but it definitely looked big. I don't know their categorization but when I heard there was a tornado I didn't expect to look out my window and see something that size. When I did, it kind of took my breath away. I just started shaking, you know, that power of mother nature doesn't turn in my direction.

I heard the sirens going on and that means that it's been spotted, touched down, somewhere nearby. So I turned on the news and you know it's about 15 miles from Hattiesburg. The tornado is still pumping. And I'm like well I'm not going to jump in the shower now because I could be blindsided by this thing. I don't want to be caught.. So I just kept watching the news and all of a sudden they had a weather-cam video of it, right where I just left and I'm like that's coming right for me. So I stepped out on my porch right when the news story had come on and saw the storm, started recording that video and I'm completely shocked. Just at a loss for words for what I saw. Just eerie Mother Nature doing its thing.


Residents shaken by a tornado that mangled homes in Mississippi are waking up Monday to a day of removing trees, patching roofs and giving thanks for their survival. More than a dozen in the state were injured.

Daylight also offers emergency management officials the chance to get a better handle on the damage that stretched across several counties. Gov. Phil Bryant plans to visit hard-hit Hattiesburg, where a twister moved along one of the city's main streets and damaged buildings at the governor's alma mater, the University of Southern Mississippi.

Emergency officials said late Sunday that at least 10 people were injured in surrounding Forrest County and three were hurt to the west in Marion County, but they weren't aware of any deaths.