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Wilmington, Delaware - Feb. 11, 2013

1. SOUNDBITE: Bill Heriot/Witness

"Before the shooting, it appeared to be business as usual....for the courthouse....i was speaking to my attorney who had just arrived....apparently the assailant came in with the rest of the people for business that day....and pulled out a handgun quite unexpectedly."

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2. SOUNDBITE: Bill Heriot/Witness

"He pulled out what looked to be semi-automatic handgun....raised it up...shot a young girl point blank in the chest....three feet from me...he then shot a woman who was ten feet away...I saw them both go down...I then turned to protect my wife...and a barrage of gunfire ensued...between police and the assailant.

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3. SOUNDBITE: Bill Heriot/Witness

"the first victim....The young girl was shot point blank in the chest....with the handgun...i could smell the the air...and then the second victim was shot immediately there after...the assailant shot the second victim from about ten feet away."

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4. SOUNDBITE: Bill Heriot/Witness

"After the shooting stopped...i went over to aid the first victim who had gone down...who was a young her apparently mid-twenties....i tried to aid her....and opened her coat...and saw a bullet hole in her chest...she didn't appear to doing very well...i held her hand and tried to tell her everything was which time I witnessed her turn pale...and her eyes dilated and she passed away."


A gunman who spent years in court battles over custody disputes opened fire Monday in the lobby of a Delaware courthouse, leaving two women dead before being fatally shot, authorities said.

"He walked right up the first victim and shot her point-blank right in the chest. He then turned around and shot a second woman who was approximately 10 feet away," said Bill Heriot, who says he was waiting to enter the New Castle County Courthouse on Monday morning. He said the heavy-set man, who appeared to be in his 50s, pulled out a semiautomatic pistol and fired a single shot at each victim.

Heriot said the shooter then exchanged gunfire with police before falling to the floor.

Delaware State Police Sgt. Paul Shavack said the suspect and the women are dead.

Authorities said two police officers were also shot, but were treated at a hospital and released. Chief William Jopp of the Capitol Police, which provides security at state government buildings, said they were protected by their armored vests.

Authorities said the gunman opened fire in the lobby of the courthouse, where people line up to go through metal detectors.

Heriot, a plaintiff in a court case that was to be heard this week, said after the two women were shot, there was an exchange of gunfire, then a lull, during which time he believes the shooter may have been putting a new clip in his gun.

"I could smell the gunpowder in the air," Heriot said. After the shooting stopped, he knelt down beside the first woman who was shot.

"I turned her over and unbuttoned her coat. I saw a single bullet hole in the center of her chest," he said. "I held her hand, told her it was going to be all right. Her pupils dilated. She turned pale and passed away."