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Big Bear, California - Feb. 12, 2013

1. SOUNDBITE: Cindy Bachman / Spokeswoman, San Bernadino County Sheriff's Dept.

"good evening. The only new information I have for you is that the cabin has not been entered. Law enforcement officers on scene have not been able to enter the cabin. It is too hot. It is still smoldering, and it is not safe for them to enter. I can't tell you at this time when they might be able to enter the cabin. It's a huge crime scene. I anticipate them being there the rest of the night. We will probably not have any new information for you until tomorrow. (Reporter) Have they been able to see a body inside. They have not confirmed anything. (Reporter) Did a robot go inside. (bachman) I am not aware of they sent a robot in. (Reporter) was there any verbal communication between deputies outside and dorner inside. (Bachman) I'm not aware of anything. I'm telling you investigators have not been inside because it's not safe for them. They believe there is live ammunition in there...and it's still smoldering. It's too hot to enter and they are not going to do it."


The extraordinary manhunt for the former Los Angeles police officer suspected of three murders converged Tuesday on a mountain cabin where authorities believe he barricaded himself inside, engaged in a shootout that killed a deputy and then never emerged as the home went up in flames.

A single gunshot was heard from within, and a charred body was found inside.

If the man inside proves to be Christopher Dorner, as authorities suspect, the search for the most wanted man in America over the last week would have ended the way he had expected _ death, with the police pursuing him.

Thousands of officers had been on the hunt for the former Navy reservist since police said he launched a campaign to exact revenge against the Los Angeles Police Department for his firing. They say he threatened to bring "warfare" to officers and their families, spreading fear and setting off a search for him across the Southwest and Mexico.