Location - Date: Los Angeles - Feb. 13

1. Lt. Andy Neiman, spokesman, Los Angeles Police Department

"It was horrifying to listen to that fire fight and to here those words,'Officer down' is the most gut wrenching experience that you can have as a police officer, because you know what that means. And tragically, we learned that it truly meant just that yesterday."

"The incident that occurred up there involving the shooting and the body that was discovered will be announced by the San Bernadino County Sheriffs."

"The protective details, some of those are still in place and those will remain in place until the department and those protectees feel safe. As you know, until that investigation in San Bernadino is concluded and we have a type of positive identification on what transpired up there we still have some individuals in this department who are still in great fear."

"The investigation into the Dorner incidents and the homicides related to Christopher Dorner continue and that will continue until the investigators have completed everything that they need to do related to that. The task force is still in place and they will work until there is nothing left to be done."


A string of events that ended with the death of the man believed to be a wanted ex-Los Angeles police officer started when he encountered a mother and daughter pair of housekeepers at a cabin in the mountains east of Los Angeles.

Family member Jay Hylton told KABC-TV the pair wasn't hurt. The Los Angeles Times ( ) reported the women surprised Dorner Tuesday, he tied them up and then fled in a purple Nissan.

The Times reported that one maid eventually broke free and called 911.

About a half hour later, the suspect got into gunfights with authorities, one of whom was killed, after barricading himself in a cabin where a charred body was found, along with Dorner's driver's license.

LAPD says its operations are back to normal.