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Mobile, Alabama - Feb. 13,2013

1. Wide exterior of Alabama Cruise Terminal.

2. Tight of sign.

3. Wide of cruise ship gang way that passengers will use to depart ship

4. SOUNDBITE: Sam Jones/Mayor, Mobile Alabama

"We were notified monday by carnival that they needed this port to bring the ship into, and that's not new for us. we actually had a ship here, ported here up until october 2011."

5. Wide of chairs set up to handle arrival of Triumph

6. Pan of customer counter

7. SOUNDBITE: Mayor Sam Jones/Mobile, Alabama:

"In the last couple of days we've been doing a lot of work to activate the terminal again. we've been doing a lot of logistics, security, as well as trying to make this experience one that won't be cumbersome for the passengers. we would imagine there's a lot of frustration with people and we want to try to make this experience one that doesn't add to that. we really want to try to get them in and get them out of here as soon as we possibly can."

8. Wide of equipment moving metal container on wharf

9. Medium of equipment

10.SOUNDBITE: Sam Jone/Mayor, Mobile, Alabama:

"We have been receiving calls from some of the spouses, some of the relatives of people on the ship saying they want to come and directly pick their loves ones up and take them home so we are making provisions for them to come in and be at the terminal."

11.Wide of shipyard like one where Triumph could be repaired.

12.Tight of ship in shipyard.

13.SOUNDBITE: Mayor Sam Jones/Mobile, Alabama:

"We really just want the people who come to have a good experience here in mobile. we don't want this to actually frustrate them more."

14. Wide of terminal exterior


Carnival Cruise Lines has canceled a dozen more planned voyages aboard the Triumph and acknowledged that the crippled ship had been plagued by other mechanical problems in the weeks before an engine-room fire left it powerless in the Gulf of Mexico.

The company's announcement on Wednesday came as the Triumph was being towed to a port in Mobile, Alabama, with more than 4,000 people on board, some of whom have complained to relatives that conditions on the ship are dismal and that they have limited access to food and bathrooms.

The ship will be idle through April. Two other cruises were called off shortly after Sunday's fire. After losing power on its most recent journey, the ship drifted until Tuesday, when two tugboats began moving it toward shore.

The cruise ship company has chartered 15 buses to haul passengers to hotels in New Orleans and downtown Mobile, said Barbara Drummond, a spokeswoman for the city of Mobile.

Carnival said passengers would also be able to fly home on chartered flights.

The company has disputed the accounts of passengers who describe the ship as filthy, saying employees are doing everything to ensure people are comfortable.

Passengers are supposed to receive a full refund and discounts on future cruises, and Carnival announced Wednesday they would each get an additional $500 in compensation.