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Berlin, 13 Feb. 2013

1. Wide of Emile Hirsch with director David Gordon Green

2. SOUNDBITE (English) Emile Hirsch/Actor: "Yes, I felt like it was realistic, we just tried to live our parts and enjoy the shoot but the dynamic that we had I felt was pretty natural and I think we both just tried to play into whatever the roles were. We tried to find those aspects within ourselves and live it. But it was great because we didn't know each other at all and we jumped into it and just embraced it."

3. Medium of Paul Rudd

4. SOUNDBITE (English) Paul Rudd/Actor:

"Well, I am curious, there is a real European feel to this movie anyway because it is a remake of an Icelandic film and I think it is really true to the spirit of that film so I will be curious as to hear, I don't know what to expect."

5. Medium of Emile Hirsch signing autographs

6. SOUNDBITE (English) David Gordon Green/Director:

"It sounds really creepy the way that you say that but yes, actually we were. It is an amazing backdrop of a burnt down forest so we are kind of in the ashes of these burnt down trees and the shadows of this very surreal environment and noticing the beauty underneath the distraction. Being able to tell a story under the chapter of its re-birth is pretty extraordinary."

7. Medium pullout Emile Hirsch, David Gordon Green and Paul Rudd.