AP Entertainment

New York, 13 February 2013

1.Pan to wide of models getting makeup

2. Wide of Miley Cyrus arriving backstage, asked how she feels about fashion week with UPSOUND, "Love it. It's kind of chaotic but love it."

3. Medium of Rachel Zoe greeting Miley Cyrus with UPSOUND of Zoe, "Oh my God, look at you. You're killing me right now."

4. Medium of Miley Cyrus showing Rachel Zoe her outfit with UPSOUND of Zoe, "I'm obsessed with you. This is crazy. That's yours, wait let me do your belt. I have it, I have it."

5. Medium of Rachel Zoe fixing Miley Cyrus' belt with UPSOUND of Cyrus, "This is why I love Rachel."

6. Pan to medium of Miley Cyrus, left, and Rachel Zoe, right posing for photos

7. Medium of Rachel Zoe with UPSOUND of Zoe, "I'm like sorry I just got so distracted. Mummy!"

8. Medium of Rachel Zoe approaching son, kissing him and adjusting his hat

9. SOUNDBITE (English) Rachel Zoe/Designer +++OVER LAID BY SHOT 8 AND 10+++:

"I'm showing you kind of the girl that every girl I know wants to be. I know I want to be every girl in this show and that's always my mission as a designer is to just make clothes that like girls covert and want to wear and don't go out of style and feel that are special. I want them to covet it and feel like there are special pieces this season like whether it's you know a pony sweatshirt, a leather miniskirt, a suede dress that kind of everybody wants to wear. I don't know it's just a really cool kind of (19)70's equestrian, androgynous girl and lifestyle."

10. Various of runway show

11. Model finale

12. Rachel Zoe bow