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New York, 9 January 2013

1. SOUNDBITE (English) William H. Macy, Actor ... on writing and singing songs:

"It's a thing we do in our family. (Wife) Felicity (Huffman) and I started writing these songs for people's weddings and I play ukulele and we just write filthy things about the people getting married and if it's in harmony on a ukulele everybody just laughs and laughs. You look at the lyrics later and you, 'Woof, that's harsh.' I mean we'd talk about everything. Anyway, I wrote her (Huffman) a song for her birthday and my two daughters and I performed it. It's become a bit of a tradition."

2. SOUNDBITE (English) William H. Macy, Actor ... on his daughters' reaction to media coverage:

"They didn't like it. The confusion of it and all the photographers; both of them said, 'Whoa,' and I think one of the good things about it is that when mom and dad go off to do one of those things they have a little bit better understanding of what we're going off to do. But they're cool about what we do for a living and we talk about acting a lot at the table and they both do plays and we all sing a lot at the house. It's a pretty theatrical household. We've sat at the dinner table and practiced double takes with each other just to see who can do the best double take."

3. SOUNDBITE (English) William H. Macy, Actor ... on whether he grew up in a theatrical family:

"No, my family - my dad was a great joke teller but no - and my mom loved the movies - boy she loved the movies - but no we weren't a theatrical family but Felicity and I together at one table it's not long before we talk about acting."


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4. TV clip - "Shameless"