An outback Queensland town and a unique musical fence may have played a small part in helping Australian singer-songwriter Gotye.

Composer Graeme Leak designed and created a musical fence in Winton, north-west of Longreach, 10 years ago.

He says Gotye visited the site and contacted him to ask if he could use recordings of it in his 2010 song Eyes Wide Open.

The bass line used in the song is the sound of the fence.

Mr Leak says he was only too happy to oblige.

"It's a public musical instrument, so ... you are totally welcome to use the sounds of the fence in any way you want," he said.

Gotye won three Grammy Awards this week and Mr Leak says his global acclaim could now help to promote the fence.

He says to his knowledge there is no other musical fence like it in the world.

Mr Leak says Winton could use Gotye's connection to promote the fence as a tourist attraction.

"He's got an amazing global recognition now and he's very, very generous and keeps mentioning the fence and mentioning Winton," he said.

"I think it is definitely something that Winton can take advantage of.

"It is 10 years old now, it was built in 2003, this year is actually the 10th anniversary of the fence in July."