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Pretoria, South Africa - Feb. 15 2013

1. Still of Pistorius

2. Still of victim

3. Pistorius in court

4. Pistorius taken to police station

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6. VOS POPS (transcribed below)

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Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius wept in court Friday as prosecutors begin their murder case against the double amputee.

Pistorius is accused of killing his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp, shooting her four times in his home.

Prosecutors say they'll pursue a premeditated charge against him, meaning the once inspirational runner could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Pistorius entered no plea at the hearing but his family later released a statement saying they dispute the alleged murder in the strongest terms and called her death a tragedy.

The case has left the country in shock as it tries to grapple with the downfall of one of South Africa's most beloved athletes.

SOUNDBITE (English) No name given, Vox pop:

" I don't really think it is premeditated murder but yes we will see in the court case with the evidence through the court so we will see what is happening."

SOUNDBITE: (English) No name given, Vox pop:

"I don't know what might be but I am so sad and really cross because he is my inspiration. I am extremely disappointed the way things happened."

Known as the blade runner Pistorius shot to global fame when he qualified and raced in the London Olympics competing against the world's top able-bodied athletes.

For now Pistorius is in police custody with a bail hearing set for next week.

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