February 16th, 1862:

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(NAT underneath of "Run, Rebel, Run" --- Civil War folk song)

A blow to the breakaway South during the Civil War.

Some 14-thousand Confederate soldiers surrender to Union forces in the Battle of Fort Donelson, Tenneesee.


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(SOT of Authorities announcing arrest)

Authorities in Georgia arrest a crematory operator --- after hundreds of decomposing corpses are found stacked in storage sheds, and in the surrounding woods.

The operator, Ray Brent Marsh, later pleads guilty --- and gets a dozen years behind bars.


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John Demjanjuk (dem-YAHN-yuk) goes on trial in Jerusalem, accused of being the Nazi concentration camp guard known as "Ivan the Terrible."

Demjanjuk is later convicted, but Israel's Supreme Court overturns that conviction.


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America gets its first 9-1-1 call --- a successful test of the emergency phone number in Haleyville, Alabama.

And, 2005:

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(Vox pop from an angry hockey fan)

The NHL scraps what's left of its season, already decimated by a lockout over a salary cap for its players.

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