Controversial anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders says immigration from Islamic countries should stop but insists he is not trying to incite violence or insult people during his Australian visit.

The right-wing Dutch MP is due to speak in Melbourne on Tuesday night on the "Islamisation of Australia". He will also speak in Sydney and Perth this month.

Mr Wilders said immigration from Islamic countries should stop but asylum seekers, whose lives were at risk, were okay.

He said most Muslims are not extremists but Islamic ideology will never be able to integrate in democratic societies.

"Never, ever, no way," he said during a press conference at a Melbourne location kept secret due to security fears.

Mr Wilders said the Koran incites violence.

"Islam and freedom are incompatible," he said.

Mr Wilders also made a number of controversial comments about Mohammed during the media conference.

He was due to visit Australia last October but was forced to postpone because the federal government took its time deciding whether to approve his visa.

The Islamic Council of Victoria is concerned Mr Wilders' speech may incite violence.

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu said Mr Wilders was wrong and there was clear evidence that multiculturalism was a positive.

"My message to the people of Victoria is very clear: do your best to ignore this man," he told reporters.