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Los Angeles - Feb. 19

1. SOUNDBITE: Charlie Beck/Los Angeles Police Department chief: "I don't for a minute discount the effect Dorner's manifesto has had on the reputation of the LAPD. I do not believe that is justified. But, and this is a big caveat, it needs to be addressed. We are only as good as the public thinks we are. Confidence in law enforcement is our stock and trade. This is a very small police department with a very large mission. This is a 500 square mile city with 4 million residents. If we don't have public confidence, I can't provide public safety. It's very important to me that we address this, it's very important that we address this publicly and do what we can to rebuild bridges that have been damaged. Are we going to be able to assuage everybody? No, and that is the nature of the public-- there are people that have made up their minds and won't let anything change that, but I have to do what we think is right."


Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck says the review of ex-officer Christopher Dorner's firing is under way, but it's too early to comment on the re-examination.

Beck told a press conference Tuesday that he doesn't discount the effect that Dorner's manifesto has had on the reputation of the Police Department.

Dorner, who was black, claimed he was subjected to racism and was targeted for reporting misconduct.

He died of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot during a mountain cabin siege that followed a spree of violence in which authorities say he killed four people and wounded three.