Silver medal-winning backstroker Emily Seebohm has revealed she was the swimmer who complained to head coach Leigh Nugent about misbehaviour in the London camp.

On Wednesday, Nugent was forced to admit he was aware of misbehaviour after earlier saying he wasn't.

Two independent reports released earlier this week detail a litany of failings by the sport's leadership and revealed a "toxic culture" within the Olympic team which contributed to a disappointing performance.

Seebohm told The World Today that she was angry when she heard Nugent say he was unaware of what was happening.

"I wasn't very impressed with Leigh Nugent's comments about that because it was me personally who told Nugget what was going on," she said.

"So, you know, to be on the team with him - I wasn't too happy with that."

Members of Australia's 4x100m freestyle squad - dubbed the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" - will front the media at 1:30pm (AEDT) today and are .

Seebohm's comments come after Beijing gold medallist , saying the culture problems at the London Games were known to all within the team.

"It just didn't have that sort of family feel about it," she told The World Today on Wednesday.

"And everyone was sort of ... in it for themselves and although swimming is a very individual sport we all need to be a team at the same time to be able to achieve that one big goal."

The Bluestone Review, commissioned by Swimming Australia following Australia's worst Olympic swimming performance in 20 years, found that a culture existed within the swim team which "did not appear to assist or support high-level performance for most people."

The review found Olympians got drunk, misused prescription drugs and breached curfew at the London Games.