ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan will continue to defy ICC conventions in letting the country's president have a major say in the appointment of the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

According to the new 22-page constitution of the PCB, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press on Saturday, the president will recommend to the nomination committee the names of two or more individuals for the post of chairman.

The four-member committee will comprise two from the PCB board of governors and two representatives appointed by the president — the patron of the cricket board.

In 2011, the International Cricket Council stated national federations should be autonomous and free of interference from governments by June 2013.

The ICC at that time also said it could consider sanctions against its member boards if a government continued to interfere in the working of a cricket board.

Pakistan looks set to clash with the ICC because the PCB's new constitution still gives the patron all the powers in the appointment of chairmen.

Clause 28 of the constitution says the committee, within one week of receiving the patron's nominations, must meet to recommend a chairman to the board of governors. If the committee doesn't recommend someone, the first person recommended by the patron "shall be deemed to have been recommended to the board of governors," and will be appointed chairman for four years and eligible for reappointment.

This clause means present chairman, Zaka Ashraf, who was directly appointed by President Asif Ali Zardari in 2011, could continue.

The 14-member board includes five representatives of service organizations and departments, and two non-voting members picked from a panel of three recommended by the chairman in consultation with the patron.

The president's powers were further strengthened in case the board rejects the nomination of the chairman, as the constitution says "the entire process will start de novo (from the beginning) with fresh nominations to be made by the patron."