Voters think Melbourne's outspoken Lord Mayor, former state Liberal leader Robert Doyle, would be a better premier of Victoria than Ted Baillieu.

And Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews is streets ahead of Mr Baillieu, the latest 7News/ReachTel poll shows.

The four-question survey of 1,108 Victorians was conducted on February 22.

The most surprising result was for who would make the better premier from the conservative ranks, with Mr Doyle gathering 39.2 per cent against Mr Baillieu's 32.5 per cent.

The man being tipped as a challenger to Mr Baillieu - Planning Minister Matthew Guy - received 28.3 per cent support.

The poll showed 58.7 per cent favoured Mr Andrews as premier, up from 55.6 per cent a month ago, while just 41.3 per cent preferred Mr Baillieu, down from the 44.4 per cent previously.

Only 8.6 per cent of Victorians thought Mr Baillieu's performance as premier was very good, but that was up from 7.8 per cent last month.

And 31.8 per cent (23.1 per cent) thought his performance as leader was very poor.

The one bright spot for Mr Baillieu was that Liberal had recovered some ground against Labor.

The survey showed that 37.6 per cent of voters supported the Liberal party, up from 34.4 per cent, while 34.9 per cent, down from 36.8 per cent, backed Labor.

The Nationals almost doubled their support going from 3.5 per cent a month ago to 6.6 per cent.