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Location - Date: DAYTONA BEACH, Florida - Feb. 24

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"I do know that we transported individuals from both the lower level on the other side of that fence area."

"we physically transported 14 customers from our property to a medical facility. We also saw 14 individuals at our first aid or on track care centers. Those individuals were released. Now, there could be other patients who self admit. So as it relates to numbers today, I don't have that detail that if another fan drove themselves to a medical facility that they self admitted themselves based on that.'

"you know that fence is 22 feet (high). That is the standard across the stretch. And following a 2009 Carl Edwards incident at Talledega, we brought in a structural engineering firm and to review all of our safety fencing. We actually took every recommendation they made and we actually installed new fencing at Daytona International Speedway prior to the 2010 season. So, we felt like we've done everything as it relates to protocol and we were prepared for yesterday's event."

"if fans are unhappy with the way their seating location or there've been incidents, we would relocate them. We will treat that area like we do any area of the grandstand. (if) a fan is not comfortable with where they're sitting, we make every accomdation."


Daytona International Speedway has been repaired in time for NASCAR's biggest race, and officials are willing to relocate fans concerned about safety following a horrific crash that injured more than 30 people.

Track President Joie Chitwood says workers repaired a section of fence about 200 feet from the start-finish line, the area shredded Saturday when Kyle Larson's car went airborne on the final lap of a second-tier race and crashed through the barrier that separates the cars from the track. Large pieces of debris, including a tire, sprayed into the upper and lower section of the stands.

Chitwood says if any fans are uncomfortable with their up-close seating for Sunday's Daytona 500, officials will work to move them.