VAL DI FIEMME, Italy (AP) — Japan won the first ever mixed team ski jumping title Sunday to secure its first gold medal of the Nordic skiing world championships.

Yuki Ito, Daiki Ito, Sara Takanashi and Taku Takeuchi dominated in both rounds to amass a total of 1,011 points in the event, which features two men and two women on each team.

The Austrian team of Chiara Hoelzl, Thomas Morgenstern, Jacqueline Seifriedsberger and Gregor Schlierenzauer was second with 986.7 points, just 1.8 more points ahead of the German team of Ulrike Graessler, Richard Freitag, Carina Vogt and Severin Freund.

Germany had been second after the first round, but the Austrian quartet scored more than 500 points with their second jumps.

Sarah Hendrickson, who beat Takanashi to the women's title on Friday, weighed in with two impressive jumps each worth over 130 points, but the United States finished sixth out of 10 teams.

The-18-year-old Hendrickson racked up 138.8 points — the highest of the competition — on her second jump of 104.5 meters. She was only outdistanced by the 16-year-old Takanashi, who flew 106.5 meters to pick up 135.5 points.