There was a 48 per cent drop in the number of motor vehicles stolen in 2012 compared to 2003, NSW police say.

The number of break and enters was also down, with a 35 per cent drop amounting to 22,000 fewer offences.

Thefts from motor vehicles had meanwhile dropped to 28 per cent last year, police said.

Commander of the Major Events and Incidents Group, Assistant Commissioner Alan Clarke, said the figures were encouraging.

"Every statistic is a victim. When we're down by figures of thousands in areas of break and enter, steal motor vehicle and steal from motor vehicle, that's just a lot of trauma that is not occurring in the community," he told reporters in Sydney on Monday.

He said the statistics reflect the success of a number of crime prevention programs introduced in 2003 in partnership with NRMA Insurance.

To mark the 10-year partnership, NSW Police and the NRMA on Monday launched new crime prevention initiatives to be rolled out across the state.

They include a crime prevention vehicle which will help officers and NRMA staff travel around NSW to educate residents and small business owners on strategies to "minimise their vulnerability to crime".

Two community engagement kits, including the Home Safe Program and Bizsafe Program have also been introduced.

"Despite the reduction in motor vehicle and residential property theft over the last decade, there is still much work to be done," Assistant Commissioner Clarke said.

"We want to inform people on how best to prevent crime," he said.

"And when we have a community mobilised, taking care for themselves, improving their own security, contributing to safety and public space, we all end up in a better place."