SHOTLIST(including transcript):-


Los Angeles, California, 24 February 2013

1. SOUNDBITE (English) Ang Lee/Director "Life of Pi": "This is a great night for me and for everybody who liked the movie, particularly in Asia, they help make this movie. I wish them a happy new Year of the Snake. Everybody gets lucky. Here's the thing, I think it's a miracle that I could make this movie and then I carried the anxiety for a very long time, for four years. It's a philosophical book and an expensive movie, the worst combination, the most scary one."

2. SOUNDBITE (English) Ben Affleck/Producer-Director, "Argo": "I was sort of hallucinating when that was happening. In the course of the hallucination, you know what I mean, it doesn't seem that odd when some other -- oh, look, a purple elephant! Oh, Michelle Obama! It seems like it's natural because the whole thing is so unnatural. Honestly, I was just asking these two guys outside, was that Michelle Obama? The whole thing kind of overwhelmed me at the time, but in retrospect, the fact that it was the First Lady was an enormous honor and the fact that she surrounded herself by service men and women was special and I thought appropriate. Anyway, it was very cool."

3. SOUNDBITE (English) Jennifer Lawrence/Actor "Silver Linings Playbook": "Was that on purpose? Absolutely. What do you mean what happened? Look at my dress! I tried to walk up stairs in this dress. That's what happened."

4. SOUNDBITE (English) Daniel Day-Lewis/Actor "Lincoln": "I can't think of anyone right now because I need to have to lie down for a couple of years. No, I can't think of any. I really can't, no. It's really hard to imagine doing anything after this."

5. SOUNDBITE (English) Anne Hathaway/Actor "Les Miserables": "Playing Fantine, having to connect with the darkness of life, and I think maybe more to the point, the unnecessary suffering that human beings can inflict on each other, I would have loved to have gone home and forgotten about that everyday, but you just can't because it exists. And it exists for millions of men and women throughout the world. I think this film changed me because it made me more compassionate and more aware."

6. SOUNDBITE (English) Adele/Recording artist, "Skyfall": "I don't know. Maybe I'll do a HBO special like Beyonce did. Haha! And then a Tony, I'm not so sure. Like maybe one day maybe someone might want to do a musical."