The head of a group of Foodland supermarkets, Roger Drake, said liquor store operators were over-reacting to his group's proposal to stock South Australian wines on store shelves.

The Australian Hotels Association and the Liquor Stores Association have taken a newspaper advertisement to argue it would be bad for small business.

Drake Supermarkets has been petitioning for public support to sell wine in South Australian supermarkets.

Mr Drake said his Foodland chain was only interested in stocking local wine, not beer or spirits.

"Foodland is committed to sell SA wines only .... the legislation's not even in place or anything, it's up for consultation but if that's the legislation then let's put it there. Let's clearly put it in there, SA wines only," he said.

Other supermarket retailers Coles and Woolworths already have substantial liquor interests and many of their liquor stores are adjacent to their supermarkets.