Former Victorian detective Paul Dale has denied giving false evidence about his relationship with murdered gangland boss Carl Williams.

Dale is being tried before a Supreme Court jury over allegations he lied to the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) about the circumstances of meetings he had with Williams.

It is alleged Dale was lying to examiners when he denied ever providing Williams with information about police operations or having received money from the convicted murderer in return for information.

Dale pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to 12 charges of giving false evidence to the ACC in 2007 and 2008.

According to the charges, Dale was lying when he said he had only met with Williams two or three times and only ever in a professional capacity, while on duty.

He is alleged to have lied when he denied having a conversation with Williams while both men stood in a pool.

It is alleged Dale knowingly lied to the ACC when he told them he could not recall any reason why Williams would have contacted him while he was suspended from duty.

The court heard Dale told examiners he met with Williams "in my endeavours to be a top-notch detective".

"The intention was to see whether we could get any information from Carl Williams, but it didn't pan out that way so it didn't go any further," he said.

When asked why he had told Williams during a phone conversation that he had been wanting to catch up with him, Dale claimed it was "just a throw-away line".

The trial continues before Justice Elizabeth Curtain.