Trenton, New Jersey - February 27, 2013

1. Wide shot of "Operation Ever Vigilant" poster with photos of those arrested

2. Close up of mugshots sign

3. SOUNDBITE: New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa (key-AY'-sah)

"The New Jersey State Police, assisted by 18 other law enforcement agencies conducted a takedown of individuals who were downloading and sharing images of child pornography over the internet. A total of 24 men and one juvenile male were arrested during the 5 day sweep which involved approximately 50 troopers investigator and officers. "

4. Close up of "Cyber crimes unit" door sign

5. Close up of evidence sign with computer hard drives

6. Medium shot of computers used for cyber forensics

7. SOUNDBITE: New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa (key-AY'-sah)

"I won't mince words. The videos we are talking about are largely the rape of young children. These videos show very young boys and girls being sexually molested, most by being subjected to acts of sexual penetration, or being coerced into performing sexual acts on others or themselves."

8. Wide shot of technician explaining cyber forensic process to NJ AG Jeffrey Chiesa

9. SOUNDBITE: New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa (key-AY'-sah)

"Initial searches of the computers seized revealed that each of the 25 men allegedly had multiple files on their computers consisting of images of children being sexually assaulted or children engaged in prohibited sexual acts as defined by the child endangerment statute. They allegedly were viewing these abhorrent videos on their computers and making them readily available for other offenders to download and view on the internet. Those arrested range in age from 17 to 66. Five of the men arrested had direct contact with young children, including two who regularly acted as babysitters."

10. Close up of photos of men arrested


New Jersey authorities have arrested 24 men and one juvenile in an investigation into the possession and distribution of child pornography.

Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa said Wednesday each of the men arrested was found with multiple sexually explicit videos of young children and made them available to others.

Most of the arrests took place from Feb. 18 to 22, and occurred in 25 towns across New Jersey. The juvenile was identified as a 17-year-old boy from Cherry Hill.

Authorities say the seized videos show both boys and girls and were distributed through emails and file-sharing networks.

Five of those arrested had direct contact with young children, including two who were regular baby sitters, officials said. One was a registered sex offender.

Each man is charged with second-degree distribution of child porn and fourth-degree possession of child porn.

Four of the defendants are being detained as illegal immigrants.

All of the videos seized are being examined by the New Jersey Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory in Hamilton. The lab is a partnership with the FBI and also handles evidence from surrounding states.