SHOTLIST(including transcript):-

AP Entertainment

Los Angeles, 28 February 2013

1. Wide exterior of the Grauman's Chinese theatre

2. Wide of event

3. UPSOUND (English) Nicholas Hoult/Actor:

"Hello everyone. How is it going? Thank you very much for coming along."

4. Wide of unveiling of the giant footprint, zoom in

5. Medium of Nicholas Hoult signing autographs

6. Wide of Nicholas Hoult sitting next to giant foot print with director Bryan Singer

7. Medium of Nicholas Hoult sitting

8. SOUNDBITE (English) Nicholas Hoult/Actor:

"These are these sorts of films that I like, these big action adventure epic fairy tales, and I think that Bryan's (Singer) a really talented director and I like the character."

Warner Bros.

9. Trailer clip: "Jack the Giant Slayer"

AP Entertainment

Los Angeles, 28 February 2013

10. SOUNDBITE (English) Nicholas Hoult/Actor:

"You know what? Somebody at the premiere brought their son over, he was five and his son was saying how much he enjoyed the movie and when his dad asked what it was about, the kid said, 'It's about never giving up.' I think that's a nice message from the film."

Warner Bros.

11. Trailer clip: "Jack the Giant Slayer"