Authorities say they were surprised at the speed and height of the flood that hit parts of Dalby on Queensland's Western Downs on the weekend.

More than 230 properties were inundated when Myall Creek peaked at 3.2 metres on Saturday night.

The creek broke its banks to the north of the town, prompting authorities to issue an emergency alert yesterday.

Mayor Ray Brown says about 37 homes have water through them and the clean-up should begin today.

"The height of it was one that was probably a bit surprising to everybody," he said.

Council acting chief executive officer Lee Vohland says floodwaters are slowly receding in the town, with Dalby's northern suburbs bearing the brunt.

"It's been a slow drop in the flood levels there - there'd been still inundation in low-lying areas," he said.

"The focus has now moved towards the clean-up phase and the assessment of the damage.

"There is still a bit of water upstream and we are hoping to see a significant improvement on the flood heights to allow us to get into the clean-up phase of the town.

"Some early cleaning up started Sunday but we are probably looking at some showers occasionally but nothing too much to concern us flooding-wise."

In nearby Chinchilla, Charleys Creek is expected to peak at just over five metres today but the council is not expecting any threat to properties.

Councillor Brown says the region's second flood in five weeks has devastated local sorghum crops that were ready to be harvested.