LONDON (AP) — Oxford will hold a weight advantage of just over 21 kilograms (46 pounds) in the annual Boat Race against Cambridge later this month.

The Oxford crew weighed in Monday at a total of 757.6 kgs (1,670 pounds), while Cambridge came in at 736.4 kgs (1,623 pounds).

The 159th edition of the race will be held on March 31.

The heaviest crew member will be Oxford's Malcolm Howard, a Canadian double Olympic medalist who weighed 109.2 kgs (241 pounds). He's also the oldest crew member at 29.

Cambridge leads the series with 81 victories to Oxford's 76, with one dead heat in 1877.

Last year's race was interrupted by a protester who swam into the boats' path. After a restart, Cambridge won by over four lengths.