SYDNEY (AP) — The Association of National Olympic Committees supports wrestling's bid to remain in the Summer Games.

ANOC president Sheik Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah said Tuesday he'll take up the issue with the International Olympic Committee, whose executive board made the surprise recommendation recently to cut wrestling from the 2020 Games.

"We are very keen to maintain wrestling in the sport program," Al Sabah told the Australian Associated Press after a meeting of the ANOC executive in Sydney. "Like everybody we're surprised wrestling is out of the program. Even in the house of the IOC when the result was announced, surprise was everywhere."

He said wrestling has the unanimous support of the ANOC executive council.

Al Sabah is head of the Olympic Council of Asia and was last year elected president of ANOC, which represents the world's 204 national Olympic bodies.

He said ANOC would work closely with the international wrestling federation, the NOCs and the continental organizations to gain support for wrestling before the IOC session in September at Buenos Aires that will have the final say on the 2020 sports program.

"We respect the mechanism and the resolution of the IOC, but also I have confidence that the session will vote in favor of maintaining wrestling," Al Sabah said.