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AP Entertainment

London, 04 March 2013

5. Various shots catwalk show

6. Finale catwalk show

7. Rihanna posing on the catwalk

8. SOUNDBITE (English) Rihanna, Recording Artist:

"I would wear everything here that's the thing, I designed, I designed, I was being a little bit selfish. I designed everything that I would want to wear, and for the women that I'm with. Because I'm with a large group of women who have different sizes, different tastes, different body types, and I wanted to design something that everybody could wear because I wanted all my friends to have something too. But I'd still wear everything. "

9. Tilt up Rihanna

10. Wide with zoom in Rihanna

11. SOUNDBITE (English) Rihanna, Recording Artist:

"Like this is a dream, and to see it on the racks, this is the freakiest part, from where we started, from jotting these down on napkins and pieces of paper in a hotel room, in the middle of the night."

12. Wide of Rihanna

13. SOUNDBITE (English) Rihanna, Recording Artist:

"Sassy, fun and someone who's not afraid of having fun with fashion. But everything is simple, everything is classic. I wanted to make things that you can wear ten years from now and not know what era. Not have an era attached to it or a brand or whatever. "

14. Wide of Rihanna looking at clothes