Extra police have been sent to a Cape York indigenous community after shots were fired during a riot.

A man fired a number of shots into the air during a street disturbance" involving up to 200 people in Aurukun on Monday afternoon, police say.

No one was injured and no arrests have been made.

Extra police have been sent to the community from Cairns and Weipa, and elders have met with police.

The community is now calm, police say.

Extra police were also sent to nearby Doomadgee last weekend following a large street brawl sparked by a family feud.

A man was arrested on Sunday morning for allegedly breaking the nose of a female officer who had tried to break up the fight.

An angry mob of about 100 people went to the local police station after the man was arrested, demanding his release.

A group then smashed the glass door at the station.

Fights involving up to 200 people have occurred every few days over the past month in Doomadgee, police said.